Capacity Building Project Announcement

At Back Forty Mine, we don’t measure our success purely on exploration and production. We believe a successful project must also be an active participant in the community and share responsibility for the community’s well-being. We invest in the communities within which we operate – well beyond the needs of our operations.

We started a Capacity Building project with local governments intending to prevent the boom-bust cycle of mining and ensure the community that we will operate to the highest levels of transparency. Together we will form a community agreement which boosts economic and community development, protects the environment, and increases the health and safety of employees and residents. The arrangement will also focus on providing training and emphasizing local hire.

Worldwide such agreements are considered best practice between mining companies and host communities. Further, local agreements are a part of the permitting process in Wisconsin.

“Capacity building is not just about the effectiveness of a community today — it’s about the community’s ability to thrive effectively in the future,” said Chantae Lessard, Aquila’s Director Social Performance and Engagement. “Capacity building is an investment in the strength and future sustainability of a community.”

For more information, email or call (906) 451-4192.