STEPHENSON, Mich. Sept. 22, 2017 – Misinformation causes needless worry and concern for those unfamiliar with today’s advanced mining practices. Aquila’s Director of Social Performance and Engagement Chantae Lessard spoke with Media Trackers regarding such information and the company’s regret for not talking sooner with the community. “Unfortunately I think a lot of people don’t understand mining technology today, they are looking at mines that started 50-75 years ago, and today the technology has really changed,” Lessard says.

Our future is deeply depending on mining and it becomes more evident as the years continue. Electronics, medical devices, pollution control systems, electric cars and renewable energy technology all count on the raw materials like those we’ll produce at Back Forty Mine.

The historical legacy of mining offers numerous examples of what not to do. Like any industry, we’ve learned over the years how to do things better, smarter and with less impact on the environment. Aquila Resources and Back Forty Mine are committed to meeting the environmental requirements set forth in our permits and will comply with with all applicable regulations. “We believe we can have both a strong economy and clean environment with modern mining practices, ” Lessard says.

The full interview with Chantae Lessard can be found on Media Trackers website.

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