STEPHENSON, Mich. Dec. 19, 2017 – This week we came across three questions that we felt needed clarification. The questions span Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

1. Does the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (“MDEQ”) have the authority to make wetlands permit decisions?

Yes. The EPA approved Michigan’s request for delegation of federal wetlands permits in the early 1980s. To maintain this authority, Michigan’s laws and regulations must remain consistent with the Clean Water Act (CWA). Even though MDEQ has this authority, they will gather input from various regulatory agencies, including from the EPA, regarding Aquila’s wetland permit application for the Back Forty Mine.

2. Did Aquila Resources open offices in Wisconsin? 

No. The company may conduct exploration actives in Marathon and Taylor counties in late 2018. Prior to any activity taking place, Aquila will work with the State of Wisconsin and local officials.

3. Is Aquila developing three open-pit mines in Minnesota?

No. Aquila is not developing three open-pit mines in Minnesota.

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