Spring 2019 Drilling Program Announcement

Aquila Resources, Inc. will be conducting drilling activities at the Back Forty Project beginning around May 22nd, 2019. This program is expected to run for approximately two months, although we may extend the work.

You may see the mobilization of a core drilling rig and support equipment near the mine site during that time. We plan to access the drilling locations by using existing woodland roads and trails to reduce surface disturbance. Our drilling program will take place seven days per week but only during day-time hours while we are drilling near the Menominee River. Drilling will occur 24/7 for all other drill holes. We will not be drilling on Memorial Day or the Fourth of July holidays. As with past programs, we will use engineering controls to minimize noise as much as possible. However, when drilling nears the Menominee River, the sound will carry to nearby residents. We apologize in advance for this disturbance.

We will follow all of the conditions and requirements in our exploration permit. Any topsoil disturbed from drill site preparation will be stockpiled and used to restore sites to the natural grade. Brush and branches will be cleaned up or spread to naturalize the site, and we will reseed all disturbed areas per DNR Unit Manager’s specifications.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach us via email at info@backfortymine.wp2.adnetcms.com, call our hotline at 906-451-4192, or on our contact page.